Computers & Wi-Fi

Computers available for public use at the Sharon Public Library include 2 public-access catalog terminals, located in the main lobby; and 6 desktop computers, located in the Reference Area. Additional computers intended for the use of children are available in the Children's Department.


Wi-Fi is freely available throughout the library and in the front courtyard or along High Street for patrons bringing their own devices. Connect to the network SPL-CR. You do not need a password to connect.

Rules for the Use of Public-Access


Public-access computers are an integral part of the services provided by the Sharon Public Library. The use of these machines constitutes the same use as that of any other library material; thus, just as library patrons assume responsibility for library books, DVDs, or other items that they borrow, so will computer users assume responsibility for the care of the computer they are using.

Public-Access Catalog Terminals
Our public-access catalog terminals (PACs) are intended as a reference tool. Patrons may use the PACs to search the library catalog, access the Old Colony Library Network (OCLN), search various research databases, or use any other database to which the library has direct access.
The use of the PACs is limited to 15 minutes per user when other patrons are waiting.

Adult Computers
Patrons aged 13 or older may log in to the adult desktop computers in the Reference Area. Patrons aged 12 or younger should use the computers available in the Children's Department.

Log-in sessions occur in increments of 60 minutes. Patrons are permitted to renew their sessions unless others are waiting to use a workstation, or at the discretion of the library staff. Workstations may not be used by more than 2 individuals at any given time. All workstations shut down 10 minutes prior to the library's closing each day.

Workstations may be reserved in person or by telephone up to 1 week in advance. Patrons who do not arrive within 10 minutes of their reserved time forfeit the reservation. Library staff may use their discretion to reassign a public-access computer to another patron if the requester has not arrived within 10 minutes of a reserved time.

All Public-Access Computers
Users are prohibited from uploading, installing, setting up, running, or executing any software not authorized by the library on any of the library's computers.

Users may not download any files or applications from the internet to the hard drive. Any downloads must be to removable media supplied by the user.

Users may not store data and/or files on any library computer hard disk. Any such files will be periodically discarded.

Users may print to the network printer at a charge of 20 cents per page (black-and-white copies) or 30 cents per page (color copies).

Abuse of the above rules and/or the use of these machines for any purpose other than their intended use constitutes a misuse of library materials and may result in the user having their library privileges revoked.

Any other interference or tampering with library computers will not be tolerated. Massachusetts law makes theft or mutilation of library materials or property a crime. Any person who willfully alters or destroys library ownership, electronic, or catalog records; or mutilates, destroys, or damages, in whole or in part, any library materials or property may be punished upon conviction by imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $25,000 and required to make full restitution.