Sharon Public Library
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Phone Directory

Main Number:
Adult Circulation: 1420
Children's Services: 1432
Reference Desk: 1422
Director: 1425

Staff Directory
Name Title Department
Lee Ann Amend Director Administration
Josephine Papineau Administrative Assistant Administration
Lanette Hart Assistant Director/Head of Information Services Administration/Information Services
Margret Branschofsky Information Services Librarian Information Services
Danielle Margarida Head of Youth Services Youth Services
Lucy Borgheiinck Youth Services Librarian Youth Services
Karin Hagan Technical Services Supervisor Technical Services
Caitlyn Walsh Technical Services Assistant Technical Services
Karen Mafera Circulation Supervisor Circulation
Sharon Biggie Library Assistant Circulation
Ann Donovan Library Assistant Circulation
Kristin Eardley Library Assistant Circulation
Megan Pedersen Library Assistant Circulation
Kathy Reyes Library Assistant Circulation
Leslee Rotman Library Assistant Circulation
Cathy Ruvich Library Assistant Circulation
Susan Cohen Library Page Circulation
Mildred Worthley Library Page Circulation
Gary Kamp Custodian Maintenance